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4 Ways Recruitment Firms in Manila Work Their Magic

While searching for a potential job is crucial and somehow painstaking for employees, the responsibilities of recruitment firms in Manila are not to be derogated. Sourcing suitable candidates for a job is never an easy task, especially for head hunters who have a reputation to uphold across different sectors. It takes time, effort and considerate judgement to hire a person that can fill a particular position for a company.

Here are four things recruitment agencies leverage on to boost their recruitment solutions:

Network Expansion

Head hunting agencies continuously expand their networks through lead generation, posting job openings on job advertisement platforms and other strategies. Aside from finding new talents and clients, these companies tend to keep resumes and contacts of some applicants for potential backfill positions and future vacant roles. So don’t be surprise when firms would call you in for a position that you did not apply for, it’s their way of utilizing their talent pool.

Social media and Mobile Recruiting

While personal references and connections have its perks, there’s no denying that the internet and
social media have reinvented the hiring and recruitment process. The increasing number of millennials
joining the workforce now largely factors in the success or failure of talent acquisition.

By 2030, it is estimated that millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. This is where social media recruiting comes into play. Sites like LinkedIn and JobStreet serve as an avenue for recruitment firms to maximize their hiring strategies. Head hunters are as visible as job seekers in social media and they are always active in tapping potential talents that they think can fit the bill for a particular company. Job fairs and such events are also a great way to expand a recruitment firm’s network. Figures show that about 90% of staffing agencies arrange free training for all of their employees and about 65% of those who went through the programs fostered new aptitude and improved on existing skills.

Content Marketing & Email Marketing

Recruitment firms continuously invest in content marketing to reach as much people and businesses as possible. They fill their websites and blogs with relevant content and share the contents on various platforms for higher search engine rankings. Some are even actively responding to people in forums, and try to creatively insert the links of their content in their conversations to get more web visits. They also use email marketing by sending newsletters and pitches to attract more applicants and potential partners.

Make their brand visible

Recruitment agencies continuously invest in brand reputation, especially now that companies are leaning towards outsourcing such firms instead of having an in-house talent acquisitions team. They make sure they are visible on social media and other highly populated channels. Sometimes, they even pay for ads, whether online or in traditional platforms. They also market themselves well to keep up with the competitive environment among its peers. They take necessary precautions and also conduct a thorough hiring process to protect their credibility.

Companies invest in people and these recruitment firms exist to make sure that these employers invest in the right people. At the same time, they also serve as guide for job seekers to know more about the industry and negotiate with their employer in terms of compensation.

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5 Factors Employers Consider When Hiring New Graduates

Year on year, fresh graduates enter the real world, hopeful that they will snag their first job. For employers and recruitment firms in the Philippines, however, hiring a new graduate is both a risk and an investment. Fresh graduates have less or no professional experience and require time and effort to mentor, but with the right training, they could account for a company’s workforce asset.

Here are 5 factors which employers consider when hiring recent graduates:

  1. Internship Experience and Past Leadership Roles

Although the length of internship usually ranges from 200-600 hours only, the student’s performance, exposure and environment during those hours could say a lot about his/her resume.

Employers and HR agencies also value new graduates who have held leadership roles in organizations either within or outside the university. For employers, such experiences speak that the candidate is responsible, active and a team-player.

  1. Communications Skills

Having effective communication skills is a must for every job seeker, whether a fresh grad or not. How you present yourself and answer questions in your interviews can actually make or break your potential hiring. Studies show that 91% of employers value interview performance over academic performance in the ultimate hiring decision.

A good command in English is a vital necessity for new graduates seeking to work for companies that have global operations because chances are, you will be working with international counterparts. For rookies eyeing jobs in media, sales or fields that require social interaction, you must be equipped with an effective communication skill set to explain technicalities, pitch ideas or even iron out conflicts.

  1. Academic Performance

Despite being favored less over job interviews, one’s academic performance actually comes into play in employers’ hiring decision.

Of course, companies also check your alma mater and its well agreed that fresh graduates that come from well-known or Ivy League schools have that certain privilege of being favored over the others, but there are companies that have a formal GPA/GWA threshold as one of their hiring requirements.

Furthermore, employers favor new graduates that possess a good academic standing in licensure exams. 

  1. Flexibility and Professionalism

Being a good team player is a big plus when applying for an entry-level position. New graduates should be at the top of their game in  terms of being as professional as they can be. Research about the culture of the workplace – from the dress code to corporate etiquette – and try to abide by them, even during the interviews.

HR managers and recruitment firms in the Philippines also value new hires that have the willingness to learn more because those are the type of employees that are open to changes and will go the extra mile to be better in their job.

A little tip: never be afraid to ask questions when you want to know something and never be afraid to voice out opinions when you have one. Remember that having fresh graduates in the team is also an opportunity for the company to grow and nurture future talents.

  1. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm here goes beyond being eager or keen; it’s about being ardent about a job and maintaining that enthusiasm under a long-term plan.

Online employment platform JobStreet notes that millennials nowadays love to try out and experiment different careers at a time. However, this means that fresh graduates tend to be job-hoppers, that’s why employers find it hard to fully train them since they leave immediately when another door of opportunity opens.

Granted, it’s a matter of balancing your own needs against the company’s. Just remember that people who are forward-thinkers tend to be the better option for the company over those who aren’t.

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3 Problems You Can Avoid with Executive Search Services

Finding the perfect candidate for an executive position is not easy. The recruitment field is a competitive environment, not just for candidates, but also for the companies. The best candidate for the open executive role is most likely also being pursued by your competitor. Hence, you need professional help from a recruitment firm that provides executive search services to avoid the problems stated below.

Shortage of talent

We couldn’t avoid a shortage of candidates, especially for crucial executive posts. But, since recruitment service providers have pools of talents on hand, finding an executive isn’t a big deal for them. They use tools, and other candidate search strategies, that help make it easier for them to find people, regardless if they need to fill a rare position or not.

Long list of unsuitable candidates

Sadly, hundreds of applicants line up for vacant positions they are not capable of. They still apply even if they know their skillsets are not suitable for the role. This makes the recruitment process more time-consuming. You need to filter hundreds of resumes.

With executive search services, you’ll receive a filtered list of the most competent candidates for the vacant position(s). Candidates are screened by researchers before they could even enter the list. You can be assured that the shortlisted candidates have sufficient experience, exemplary background, and has a history of employee-company relationship based on your requirements.

Competing with other offers

Executive search services do not simply analyze potential candidates, they also examine the right compensation for a certain position. The recruitment company can also help you deal with demanding candidates in terms of salary. They would help you negotiate and say the right words to make the candidate say yes in case you couldn’t provide his desired salary. On the other hand, the recruitment firm can also help you adjust or counteroffer if ever the talent you prefer has also received offers from other companies. They would definitely provide strategies that would attract the potential candidate to your company, rather than to your competitors.


Some would argue that it is impractical to acquire services when it comes to hiring executives, but the truth is, you can save so much time in waiting for the right candidate to come in. Most of the time, companies pass on a series of unfit candidates before the right one knocks on their door. Therefore, to save time and get a list of excellent candidates more quickly, we highly suggest that you avail executive search services from Peoplehub. Talk to us to learn more.

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Factors to Consider in Formulating a Recruitment Strategy

Formulating a recruitment strategy is not as easy as we think. You need to consider several things, including the quality of the candidates for certain positions. Here are some other factors to consider in creating an effective recruitment strategy.

Level of difficulty in finding a specific skillset

Some positions are easier to fill than the others, while other roles require a unique skillset. Hence, you need to consider the level of difficulty in filling a certain role based in order to provide a realistic timeline for the employer. This can also be solved by conducting extensive research, not just on what applicants look for a job, but also what educational programs or degrees are most in demand.

Testing methods

Aside from attracting the right candidates, you must also shortlist the best ones. Consider providing testing methods to examine the candidates’ skills, and their capacity to do the job required. Although companies commonly use generic assessments, we prefer providing exams tailored to a certain position. It would test the limits of the candidate, show the areas where the candidates excel, and where they need to improve.

Recruitment cost

Whether you’re from a recruitment agency in the Philippines or the HR department of a company, you have to consider the cost of recruitment. To save a few bucks, we suggest that you hire the services of a recruitment agency. This can help you prevent exceeding from a specific budget because you are assured that they will deliver no matter how long it takes. Whereas with internal hiring, the expense won’t stop until you find the right candidate.

Company location

Companies located in industrial hubs tend to have more applicants compared to others, particularly to those located in suburban areas. The problem with this would be getting potential candidates within the area. If you can’t find your target applicants within the company’s location, finding a candidate who is willing to relocate makes a good option.

Remember to include the location of the job in your job advertisements to limit the level of applicant withdrawal due to location.

Giving incentives

Are you planning to hire hundreds of new roles? Try to give incentives such as referral bonuses for every successful referral. A good amount of money or a reasonable gift would definitely motivate people to refer more candidates.

If you want to read more recruitment strategies from us, let us know! Visit our contact page to get in touch with us. Thanks for reading!