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5 Job Seeking Tips From Recruitment Agencies in Manila

Recruitment agencies in Manila can easily tell what kind of applicants employers are scouting for. If you’re in search of a specific role, feel free to follow these job seeking tips to land the role you’ve been eyeing for, stat. Go ahead and take down notes. You’re welcome.

  1. Know your potential employer.

Do your homework and engage in a light internet stalking. Study their background (date they were founded, people who started the business), what they stand for (I’ll clue you in – every serious company has a vision and mission), and be explicit with your reason of aspiring to work with them.  Corporate websites are affluent sources of information. You may start there.

  1. Use your CV to your advantage.

‘CV’ is short for curriculum vitae, which is loosely translated as the course of my life. It is often the initial endorsement of your career developments and employment history. Remember, it is the nature of a CV to be detailed. Make sure it communicates the requirements needed for the job application. Think of it as one opportunity to advertise yourself.

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  1. Power dressing wouldn’t hurt.

Your clothes are your armor and how you carry yourself is your power.  Dressing smart builds and displays confidence, one of the traits employers are after. A sharp coat is flattering anyway, so why not? When you walk inside the room, show them you mean business. Your CV has already gotten you there, now it’s time for you to step up.

  1. Market yourself.

It is good advice to keep your eye on the ball, but you’re already here. It’s mandatory that you impress your recruiter by exhibiting knowledge and fierce intent for a job. So why not make consider it as an opportunity to market yourself, too? Demonstrate your unending potential. Many recruitment agencies in Manila are powered by driven headhunters. If they see something more in you, what are the chances they relate it to employers? Some may even say they open doors to fortunes or, you know, multinational corporations.

  1. Exude your willingness to learn.

Let’s get straight into it. No matter how genius you are – with or without Latin honors – you just can’t know it all. We repeat, you just can’t. Don’t get us wrong, though. Of course, you must market your skill set and strengths but you also have to humbly admit your areas of improvement when asked. This gives a signal to companies that you are teachable and are open to totally unfamiliar things if necessary.


Must you remember – recruitment agencies are service providers, too. Good ones don’t only aspire to fill in job positions for employers but to find competent employees who have similar values to whom they can develop a genuine partnership with. You can definitely trust them so following their tips wouldn’t hurt.

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