As a recruitment agency in the Philippines, Peoplehub Inc. provides hiring solutions to employers, and offers opportunities to job seekers in the country. Peoplehub has a vast understanding in talent search and resource planning. We have high success rates in finding the perfect fit for each client.

Each business has unique needs. Hence, we customize our services based on the clients’ requirements. Aside from having a lengthy list of talents, our team of experienced recruiters is knowledgeable about the things that attract top professionals. They are exposed to the needs of various industries and thus, we easily find high-quality professionals equipped with the skills and characteristics that employers would surely want to have.


We exist to fulfill the saying that people are the best asset of a company. As the bridge between applicants and business owners, we assist professionals in finding the most suitable roles for them, and we provide companies the key ingredients to successful recruitment, and higher employee retention rate.


Our goal is to be the leading recruitment agency not just here in the Philippines, but across the globe as well.



We do not rest on our accomplishments, rather we strive to keep on getting better in the recruitment industry. We do this by continuously improving our hiring process through experimenting on the best ways to attract our target professionals, and by staying updated with the latest recruitment trends. This way, we exceed client expectations and keep up with our own


The quality of our services starts from within. Our recruiters have high hiring standards, are skeptical and are well equipped in evaluating candidates. They don't evaluate solely based on the applicants curriculum vitae; they also pay attention to their personalities, sense of commitment, and work ethics. 


We have a pool of professionals from different industries, and thus we can easily find the most suitable people for each client. Our normal turnaround time is usually within four days to two weeks upon job posting.


We have a detailed hiring process: (1) establishing search priorities, (2) determining in-house sourcing strategies, (3) interviewing, (4) evaluation, (5) selection, (6) client evaluation and interview, and (8) client selection and search completion. We set certain standards for each level, ensuring that we would get the most suitable professional for each role.


Our clients are the key to our success. We make sure to meet their specific requirements at all times. We also establish a good working relationship with them.