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4 Ways Recruitment Firms in Manila Work Their Magic

While searching for a potential job is crucial and somehow painstaking for employees, the responsibilities of recruitment firms in Manila are not to be derogated. Sourcing suitable candidates for a job is never an easy task, especially for head hunters who have a reputation to uphold across different sectors. It takes time, effort and considerate judgement to hire a person that can fill a particular position for a company.

Here are four things recruitment agencies leverage on to boost their recruitment solutions:

Network Expansion

Head hunting agencies continuously expand their networks through lead generation, posting job openings on job advertisement platforms and other strategies. Aside from finding new talents and clients, these companies tend to keep resumes and contacts of some applicants for potential backfill positions and future vacant roles. So don’t be surprise when firms would call you in for a position that you did not apply for, it’s their way of utilizing their talent pool.

Social media and Mobile Recruiting

While personal references and connections have its perks, there’s no denying that the internet and
social media have reinvented the hiring and recruitment process. The increasing number of millennials
joining the workforce now largely factors in the success or failure of talent acquisition.

By 2030, it is estimated that millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. This is where social media recruiting comes into play. Sites like LinkedIn and JobStreet serve as an avenue for recruitment firms to maximize their hiring strategies. Head hunters are as visible as job seekers in social media and they are always active in tapping potential talents that they think can fit the bill for a particular company. Job fairs and such events are also a great way to expand a recruitment firm’s network. Figures show that about 90% of staffing agencies arrange free training for all of their employees and about 65% of those who went through the programs fostered new aptitude and improved on existing skills.

Content Marketing & Email Marketing

Recruitment firms continuously invest in content marketing to reach as much people and businesses as possible. They fill their websites and blogs with relevant content and share the contents on various platforms for higher search engine rankings. Some are even actively responding to people in forums, and try to creatively insert the links of their content in their conversations to get more web visits. They also use email marketing by sending newsletters and pitches to attract more applicants and potential partners.

Make their brand visible

Recruitment agencies continuously invest in brand reputation, especially now that companies are leaning towards outsourcing such firms instead of having an in-house talent acquisitions team. They make sure they are visible on social media and other highly populated channels. Sometimes, they even pay for ads, whether online or in traditional platforms. They also market themselves well to keep up with the competitive environment among its peers. They take necessary precautions and also conduct a thorough hiring process to protect their credibility.

Companies invest in people and these recruitment firms exist to make sure that these employers invest in the right people. At the same time, they also serve as guide for job seekers to know more about the industry and negotiate with their employer in terms of compensation.

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recruitment process outsourcing

3 Basic Questions About Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Nowadays, companies invest in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) because of the countless benefits it offers. Some of these benefits include reduced operational costs, faster turnaround time, and better screening of applicants. Learn more about RPO with us as we answer some of the common questions we receive about it.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing enables a certain company or employer to outsource or transfer a part or the whole of its hiring methodology to an RPO provider – a recruitment firm or a headhunter. The scope of the outsourced work would always depend on the discussion and agreement between the two parties.

Types of RFO

RPO comes in three types: (1) Fully Outsourced Basis, (2) Hybrid Basis, and (3) Project Basis. For the first type, the employer outsources the entire recruitment process to the provider. As for hybrid basis, the employer has their in-house recruitment team, but they allow the RPO provider to manage certain parts of the recruitment process that they could no longer govern. Lastly, for the third type, as its name suggests, the employer outsources their recruitment processes for a specific timeframe only. Usually, the third type only caters to a specific recruitment need of the employer.

How Can I Choose the Right RPO Provider?

RPO providers or recruitment firms have different recruitment processes and strategies. Some headhunters specialize on the first few steps of the process such as searching for candidates, pre-screening and conducting interviews and exams. Meanwhile, other providers excel in fully outsourced RPO – from searching for applicants to on-boarding them. In this case, the first thing you have to determine is the scope of the recruitment process you are comfortable to outsource. Next factor to consider is your budget.

How much does it cost to avail RPO?

The cost of RPO depends on the predetermined rates of the RPO provider as well as the services that the client would avail. It’s better to directly inquire to the recruitment firm for precise pricing.

Will the Employer Have a Say on the Recruitment Process?

Here at Peoplehub, yes. In fact, before we start working for a specific client or employer, we ask about their specific recruitment preferences and requirements so we can tailor fit the recruitment methodology according to their timeline, values, and non-negotiable. At the same time, we also encourage them to give us feedback with how we work to give us more insight on how we can move forward with the process.


If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail. Thanks!

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5 Ways Recruitment Firms Help Applicants

Recruitment firms or headhunters are companies who serve as the middlemen between the employer and the job seekers. Companies hire them to outsource their recruitment needs to save time and resources.

Some applicants are hesitant to go through recruitment agencies when applying for a job because they thought the headhunter would get a cut from their salary or that the applicant would not be employed directly to the employer. But that is not the case since the recruitment firm’s ultimate goal is to find the most suitable applicants to the employer based on the latter’s requirements. Their job usually ends there. In fact, recruitment firms help job seekers in five ways:

  1. They can help you find the suitable employer.

It is the recruiter’s job to know how a company operates in a specific market. Hence, it’s easy for them to determine people who would fit, excel and progress in a certain industry and workplace. They can match you with an employer based on your work experience, preferred salary, schedule preferences, location and career path.

Also, a very clear advantage of working with recruitment firms is that your relationship with them doesn’t stop when you get hired or when you don’t. They can still offer you job opportunities later on.

  1. They can help you negotiate.

Since recruitment consultants are middlemen, they always want what’s best for both the employer and the applicants. Usually, they are given a certain range of the salary companies would offer. In case a certain candidate’s asking salary is beyond the range provided by the employer, the recruitment firm would try to negotiate the preferred salary of the applicant by stating what the positive things that the applicant can offer to the company.

  1. They respond to applicants fast.

One of the hardest parts when applying for a role is the waiting period. Some companies will tell you that you need to wait for at least two weeks to know whether you’ve made it to the next level or not. And let’s admit, sometimes, when it’s exactly two weeks later and we haven’t received a response yet, we get worried. You’d want to send a message to the HR and ask for an update. Thankfully, recruitment firms process applications faster than the usual. They’re also understanding enough to respond to queries of applicants any time of the day.

  1. They provide relevant feedback and advice.

Since recruitment firms do not take sides, they normally give honest feedback to applicants with regards to their interviews, exams and other pre-employment tests. Whether their feedback or advice is positive or quite negative, you can be assured that they are constructive and relevant to your growth as an individual and career person.

  1. They never run out of opportunities.

Since job openings are the bread and butter of recruitment firms, job seekers can easily come to their office or at least send their resumes online to be part of their pool of talents. The next thing you know is they’re already calling you for a job opportunity.


In case you’re also looking for a job, please don’t hesitate to apply on our job board. Thanks!


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executive search services

3 Problems You Can Avoid with Executive Search Services

Finding the perfect candidate for an executive position is not easy. The recruitment field is a competitive environment, not just for candidates, but also for the companies. The best candidate for the open executive role is most likely also being pursued by your competitor. Hence, you need professional help from a recruitment firm that provides executive search services to avoid the problems stated below.

Shortage of talent

We couldn’t avoid a shortage of candidates, especially for crucial executive posts. But, since recruitment service providers have pools of talents on hand, finding an executive isn’t a big deal for them. They use tools, and other candidate search strategies, that help make it easier for them to find people, regardless if they need to fill a rare position or not.

Long list of unsuitable candidates

Sadly, hundreds of applicants line up for vacant positions they are not capable of. They still apply even if they know their skillsets are not suitable for the role. This makes the recruitment process more time-consuming. You need to filter hundreds of resumes.

With executive search services, you’ll receive a filtered list of the most competent candidates for the vacant position(s). Candidates are screened by researchers before they could even enter the list. You can be assured that the shortlisted candidates have sufficient experience, exemplary background, and has a history of employee-company relationship based on your requirements.

Competing with other offers

Executive search services do not simply analyze potential candidates, they also examine the right compensation for a certain position. The recruitment company can also help you deal with demanding candidates in terms of salary. They would help you negotiate and say the right words to make the candidate say yes in case you couldn’t provide his desired salary. On the other hand, the recruitment firm can also help you adjust or counteroffer if ever the talent you prefer has also received offers from other companies. They would definitely provide strategies that would attract the potential candidate to your company, rather than to your competitors.


Some would argue that it is impractical to acquire services when it comes to hiring executives, but the truth is, you can save so much time in waiting for the right candidate to come in. Most of the time, companies pass on a series of unfit candidates before the right one knocks on their door. Therefore, to save time and get a list of excellent candidates more quickly, we highly suggest that you avail executive search services from Peoplehub. Talk to us to learn more.

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Factors to Consider in Formulating a Recruitment Strategy

Formulating a recruitment strategy is not as easy as we think. You need to consider several things, including the quality of the candidates for certain positions. Here are some other factors to consider in creating an effective recruitment strategy.

Level of difficulty in finding a specific skillset

Some positions are easier to fill than the others, while other roles require a unique skillset. Hence, you need to consider the level of difficulty in filling a certain role based in order to provide a realistic timeline for the employer. This can also be solved by conducting extensive research, not just on what applicants look for a job, but also what educational programs or degrees are most in demand.

Testing methods

Aside from attracting the right candidates, you must also shortlist the best ones. Consider providing testing methods to examine the candidates’ skills, and their capacity to do the job required. Although companies commonly use generic assessments, we prefer providing exams tailored to a certain position. It would test the limits of the candidate, show the areas where the candidates excel, and where they need to improve.

Recruitment cost

Whether you’re from a recruitment agency in the Philippines or the HR department of a company, you have to consider the cost of recruitment. To save a few bucks, we suggest that you hire the services of a recruitment agency. This can help you prevent exceeding from a specific budget because you are assured that they will deliver no matter how long it takes. Whereas with internal hiring, the expense won’t stop until you find the right candidate.

Company location

Companies located in industrial hubs tend to have more applicants compared to others, particularly to those located in suburban areas. The problem with this would be getting potential candidates within the area. If you can’t find your target applicants within the company’s location, finding a candidate who is willing to relocate makes a good option.

Remember to include the location of the job in your job advertisements to limit the level of applicant withdrawal due to location.

Giving incentives

Are you planning to hire hundreds of new roles? Try to give incentives such as referral bonuses for every successful referral. A good amount of money or a reasonable gift would definitely motivate people to refer more candidates.

If you want to read more recruitment strategies from us, let us know! Visit our contact page to get in touch with us. Thanks for reading!

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Several Similarities Between Company Executives and Artworks

Recruitment firms who specialize in hiring company executives are like curators for unique and exquisite artworks. While hiring companies help determine the rates of employees, art curators tell us the value of a certain painting or craft – and sometimes how it will decrease or increase value over time.

The only difference between the two is that executive search service providers curate potential C-level and executives for businesses. And just like how every artwork becomes a great addition to a home, an executive is usually an asset to a company. Below are some other similarities between an artwork and an executive.

They increase value over time.

Just like paintings, great employees increase their value as they gain more experience, get promoted, and attend more training programs. Since most C-levels and company executives have already mastered leadership and other skills, their monthly rates are usually way higher than the monthly wages of other employees.

They are rare.

A one in a million kind of craft is hard to find. The same goes for finding C-levels and executives because they have critical responsibilities. You need a trustworthy recruitment firm to verify their “authenticity.” Hence, it is wise for companies to avail executive search services to help filter your choices to the best ones. Recruitment companies in the Philippines also do extensive research to learn more about hiring trends and ways to attract incredibly talented individuals.

They make things look good.

We all know that the Portrait of George Washington makes the White House look better. And just like it, having more than capable corporate leaders can help elevate a company’s image and industry standing. Truly, there’s no debate that having great leaders and employees makes great companies.

Why We Highly Recommend Executive Search Services

Usually, companies rely on their own HR departments in finding applicants. This may sound a logical strategy. Besides, who else knows their company better than they do, right? However, if you need to be assured on acquiring high-quality C-levels and executives, we highly recommend you to avail executive search services. Recruitment firms do in-depth research on specific candidates, including background checking, reference checking and more. They use certain platforms and software to filter the applicants based on the job description, skills and company requirements. Availing executive search services can also help small and big companies save time, HR-related costs, effort, and so much more.

If you need help in hiring the best C-levels or executives in the Philippines, kindly contact Peoplehub at (02) 251 9645 or answer our contact form.

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Job Seekers, Read These Tips to Get Hired Fast

Whether you’ve been searching for a job for quite some time now or you’re a fresh graduate who would simply like to get a few tips to get hired fast, this article is perfect for you. The tips below could surely help you land a job in no time.

  1. Post your comprehensive CV on job search platforms. 

Thousands of people search for job openings and apply on job search platforms. Make sure to attach your well-detailed, competitive curriculum vitae on your profile to surely capture the interest of recruitment companies in the Philippines. Another tip is to keep your Linkedin profile updated since many headhunters are pre-qualifying candidates using that social medium.

  1. Look professional, and be professional during your interview.

We’re not sure if the cliché first impression lasts still applies today, but we’re sure that you’ll leave more impact if you’ll look decent and smart, and also converse with the HR personnel in a relax and professional manner. And oh, remember to come on time. It adds points as well.

  1. Research about the company before the interview.

Never go to an interview without learning at least the background and nature of the company because it could give the management an impression that you’re not taking them seriously. Visit their website, learn their services or products, and their history so you could also answer the common interview question “how will you be an asset to this company?”

  1. Be honest. 

Yes, you should sell yourself to the company, but you shall never lie just to impress them. Companies have the means to verify every single information you give them. All the lies could fire back to you once they’ve found out the truth. It could even cause you to be banned, or gain a bad record. Hence, be honest at all cost.

  1. Ask for a reasonable salary.

Don’t get us wrong. We neither mean that you should ask something lower than your previous compensation nor compromise your financial needs. What we mean is that your asking salary must be reasonable for your years of experience, and expertise. Try to research about the usual salary range for the position you’re eyeing for to help you come up with the amount that you should ask.


If you’re looking for a job, kindly browse our list of job openings and get hired fast! You might be the one we’re looking for. For more information, call us. All the best!

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5 Reasons Why Companies Avail Recruitment Agency Services

The number of companies who avail recruitment agency services increases every year. We bet it's because of the five reasons listed below.

  1. They screen candidates based on many aspects.

Recruitment agencies in the Philippines  have high hiring standards because they want the best for their clients. They evaluate applicants based on their skills, experience, emotional state, character, willingness to learn, goals, and potential to stay in the company for a long period of time.

  1. They know the best platforms to use for specific job vacancies.

There are numerous job advertising platforms nowadays: job search websites, social media, print, convenience stores, search engine, forums, applications, etc. However, these platforms are not always applicable to all types of roles. The good thing is recruitment agencies know where to post specific positions strategically. For example, if the company is looking for virtual assistants, the hiring agency would most likely advertise the job in freelancer platforms, online job forums, and social media to reach the target candidates quickly. On the other hand, if you are looking for an executive, the recruitment agency would probably advertise via email or in the stock market website.

  1. They know how to attract the right candidates.

Recruitment agencies are very much aware that in terms of hiring, quality over quantity applies. It's easy to attract people to apply for a role. Usually, if the role is advertised with above average salary and good benefits, hundreds (or even thousands) of professionals would send their profiles for review. However, not all of those applicants are truly capable of doing the job's requirements. Hence, recruitment agencies follow job posting strategies to filter only those who are a potential fit for the role. They provide a detailed job description, and they normally require an initial online exam for each candidate. Only those who would pass are the ones who will move to the next phase and usually, it's the initial interview.

  1. They deliver fast.

Since recruitment agencies have a pool of talents, they easily find candidates for specific positions. Also, because they are focused solely on recruitment, they are capable of conducting a fast yet intricate hiring process. Some even offer a one-day recruitment process, especially when mass hiring.

  1. They help companies save time, money and effort.

Recruitment consumes so much time, money and energy. You need to decide about job ads; you need to review applicant profiles; you must shortlist candidates; interview them; then provide exams; evaluate the exams, etc. And there are times when candidates refuse the job offer which means you have to search to start from zero again. Yes, another paid job ad. But if you have availed the services of a recruitment agency, you would have fewer worries and you can easily budget your hiring expenses since they offer recruitment packages with fixed rates.


If you are looking for a recruitment agency in the Philippines, you have come to the right place. We, from Peoplehub, offer cost effect hiring services. Talk to us to learn more.