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5 Factors Employers Consider When Hiring New Graduates

Year on year, fresh graduates enter the real world, hopeful that they will snag their first job. For employers and recruitment firms in the Philippines, however, hiring a new graduate is both a risk and an investment. Fresh graduates have less or no professional experience and require time and effort to mentor, but with the right training, they could account for a company’s workforce asset.

Here are 5 factors which employers consider when hiring recent graduates:

  1. Internship Experience and Past Leadership Roles

Although the length of internship usually ranges from 200-600 hours only, the student’s performance, exposure and environment during those hours could say a lot about his/her resume.

Employers and HR agencies also value new graduates who have held leadership roles in organizations either within or outside the university. For employers, such experiences speak that the candidate is responsible, active and a team-player.

  1. Communications Skills

Having effective communication skills is a must for every job seeker, whether a fresh grad or not. How you present yourself and answer questions in your interviews can actually make or break your potential hiring. Studies show that 91% of employers value interview performance over academic performance in the ultimate hiring decision.

A good command in English is a vital necessity for new graduates seeking to work for companies that have global operations because chances are, you will be working with international counterparts. For rookies eyeing jobs in media, sales or fields that require social interaction, you must be equipped with an effective communication skill set to explain technicalities, pitch ideas or even iron out conflicts.

  1. Academic Performance

Despite being favored less over job interviews, one’s academic performance actually comes into play in employers’ hiring decision.

Of course, companies also check your alma mater and its well agreed that fresh graduates that come from well-known or Ivy League schools have that certain privilege of being favored over the others, but there are companies that have a formal GPA/GWA threshold as one of their hiring requirements.

Furthermore, employers favor new graduates that possess a good academic standing in licensure exams. 

  1. Flexibility and Professionalism

Being a good team player is a big plus when applying for an entry-level position. New graduates should be at the top of their game in  terms of being as professional as they can be. Research about the culture of the workplace – from the dress code to corporate etiquette – and try to abide by them, even during the interviews.

HR managers and recruitment firms in the Philippines also value new hires that have the willingness to learn more because those are the type of employees that are open to changes and will go the extra mile to be better in their job.

A little tip: never be afraid to ask questions when you want to know something and never be afraid to voice out opinions when you have one. Remember that having fresh graduates in the team is also an opportunity for the company to grow and nurture future talents.

  1. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm here goes beyond being eager or keen; it’s about being ardent about a job and maintaining that enthusiasm under a long-term plan.

Online employment platform JobStreet notes that millennials nowadays love to try out and experiment different careers at a time. However, this means that fresh graduates tend to be job-hoppers, that’s why employers find it hard to fully train them since they leave immediately when another door of opportunity opens.

Granted, it’s a matter of balancing your own needs against the company’s. Just remember that people who are forward-thinkers tend to be the better option for the company over those who aren’t.

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