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How to Make an Outstanding Professional Resume

Creating an outstanding professional resume is crucial for all job seekers. If you’ll create a resume for the first time, or have been actively looking for a job for quite some time now, you need to make sure that your resume is an extension of your strengths and character, plus your desire to bag the job.

Usually, companies evaluate three factors in a resume before they could consider a candidate “shortlisted.” These three things are content, format, and preciseness. Data reveals that, generally, a resume gets scanned for 25 seconds. We can help you make that 25 seconds matter with the following tips.

Content pertains to the entirety of your resume. Content should include your contact information, accomplishments and career history.

  • Bring your strong points in the spotlight. Don’t bury relevant skills for the job.
  • Highlight your accomplishments instead of duties in your previous job.
  • Quantify when needed, especially when you are applying for a position in sales.
  • Specify your goal or better yet, create a career summary to express your career targets.
  • With modern technology spawning day by day, it’s important that your resume is available online, but don’t forget to tweak it and make it internet-friendly. LinkedIn is one platform that allows you to have an online resume.

Formatting is all about how your professional resume is written—from grammar to sentence construction to the choice of words.

  • Proofread before every submission. Spot for grammatical error or typos and correct them ASAP.
  • Make sure that your contact details are correct.
  • Your resume is seen by the human eye; so make it clean and sharp as possible. Use a standard font style and font size.
  • Use wide margins and clear headings. Use bullets to call attention to important points.
  • For applicants in the artistic field, you might want to change things up by being creative with your resume.

Preciseness pertains to how specific and concise your resume is. Recruiters can see at a glance that you can make the cut for the job. Hence, write everything direct to the point.

  • Cater your resume to the industry you want to work for. Aim your resume to that particular job you are applying for.
  • Focus your resume on the attributes and skills that qualify you for the job. Exclude unnecessary and irrelevant information that isn’t needed.
  • Keep references on a separate sheet and provide when the employer asks for it.

It’s also important to update your online professional resume once in a while, even if you’re not seeking a new job because potential recruiters might come across your resume too.


When in doubt, never hesitate to seek help. It’s better to put in time and effort in crafting your resume because it reflects you are your potential dream job. You may also send us your resume for potential job opportunities.

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3 Problems You Can Avoid with Executive Search Services

Finding the perfect candidate for an executive position is not easy. The recruitment field is a competitive environment, not just for candidates, but also for the companies. The best candidate for the open executive role is most likely also being pursued by your competitor. Hence, you need professional help from a recruitment firm that provides executive search services to avoid the problems stated below.

Shortage of talent

We couldn’t avoid a shortage of candidates, especially for crucial executive posts. But, since recruitment service providers have pools of talents on hand, finding an executive isn’t a big deal for them. They use tools, and other candidate search strategies, that help make it easier for them to find people, regardless if they need to fill a rare position or not.

Long list of unsuitable candidates

Sadly, hundreds of applicants line up for vacant positions they are not capable of. They still apply even if they know their skillsets are not suitable for the role. This makes the recruitment process more time-consuming. You need to filter hundreds of resumes.

With executive search services, you’ll receive a filtered list of the most competent candidates for the vacant position(s). Candidates are screened by researchers before they could even enter the list. You can be assured that the shortlisted candidates have sufficient experience, exemplary background, and has a history of employee-company relationship based on your requirements.

Competing with other offers

Executive search services do not simply analyze potential candidates, they also examine the right compensation for a certain position. The recruitment company can also help you deal with demanding candidates in terms of salary. They would help you negotiate and say the right words to make the candidate say yes in case you couldn’t provide his desired salary. On the other hand, the recruitment firm can also help you adjust or counteroffer if ever the talent you prefer has also received offers from other companies. They would definitely provide strategies that would attract the potential candidate to your company, rather than to your competitors.


Some would argue that it is impractical to acquire services when it comes to hiring executives, but the truth is, you can save so much time in waiting for the right candidate to come in. Most of the time, companies pass on a series of unfit candidates before the right one knocks on their door. Therefore, to save time and get a list of excellent candidates more quickly, we highly suggest that you avail executive search services from Peoplehub. Talk to us to learn more.