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3 Basic Questions About Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Nowadays, companies invest in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) because of the countless benefits it offers. Some of these benefits include reduced operational costs, faster turnaround time, and better screening of applicants. Learn more about RPO with us as we answer some of the common questions we receive about it.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing enables a certain company or employer to outsource or transfer a part or the whole of its hiring methodology to an RPO provider – a recruitment firm or a headhunter. The scope of the outsourced work would always depend on the discussion and agreement between the two parties.

Types of RFO

RPO comes in three types: (1) Fully Outsourced Basis, (2) Hybrid Basis, and (3) Project Basis. For the first type, the employer outsources the entire recruitment process to the provider. As for hybrid basis, the employer has their in-house recruitment team, but they allow the RPO provider to manage certain parts of the recruitment process that they could no longer govern. Lastly, for the third type, as its name suggests, the employer outsources their recruitment processes for a specific timeframe only. Usually, the third type only caters to a specific recruitment need of the employer.

How Can I Choose the Right RPO Provider?

RPO providers or recruitment firms have different recruitment processes and strategies. Some headhunters specialize on the first few steps of the process such as searching for candidates, pre-screening and conducting interviews and exams. Meanwhile, other providers excel in fully outsourced RPO – from searching for applicants to on-boarding them. In this case, the first thing you have to determine is the scope of the recruitment process you are comfortable to outsource. Next factor to consider is your budget.

How much does it cost to avail RPO?

The cost of RPO depends on the predetermined rates of the RPO provider as well as the services that the client would avail. It’s better to directly inquire to the recruitment firm for precise pricing.

Will the Employer Have a Say on the Recruitment Process?

Here at Peoplehub, yes. In fact, before we start working for a specific client or employer, we ask about their specific recruitment preferences and requirements so we can tailor fit the recruitment methodology according to their timeline, values, and non-negotiable. At the same time, we also encourage them to give us feedback with how we work to give us more insight on how we can move forward with the process.


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