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Job Seekers, Read These Tips to Get Hired Fast

Whether you’ve been searching for a job for quite some time now or you’re a fresh graduate who would simply like to get a few tips to get hired fast, this article is perfect for you. The tips below could surely help you land a job in no time.

  1. Post your comprehensive CV on job search platforms. 

Thousands of people search for job openings and apply on job search platforms. Make sure to attach your well-detailed, competitive curriculum vitae on your profile to surely capture the interest of recruitment companies in the Philippines. Another tip is to keep your Linkedin profile updated since many headhunters are pre-qualifying candidates using that social medium.

  1. Look professional, and be professional during your interview.

We’re not sure if the cliché first impression lasts still applies today, but we’re sure that you’ll leave more impact if you’ll look decent and smart, and also converse with the HR personnel in a relax and professional manner. And oh, remember to come on time. It adds points as well.

  1. Research about the company before the interview.

Never go to an interview without learning at least the background and nature of the company because it could give the management an impression that you’re not taking them seriously. Visit their website, learn their services or products, and their history so you could also answer the common interview question “how will you be an asset to this company?”

  1. Be honest. 

Yes, you should sell yourself to the company, but you shall never lie just to impress them. Companies have the means to verify every single information you give them. All the lies could fire back to you once they’ve found out the truth. It could even cause you to be banned, or gain a bad record. Hence, be honest at all cost.

  1. Ask for a reasonable salary.

Don’t get us wrong. We neither mean that you should ask something lower than your previous compensation nor compromise your financial needs. What we mean is that your asking salary must be reasonable for your years of experience, and expertise. Try to research about the usual salary range for the position you’re eyeing for to help you come up with the amount that you should ask.


If you’re looking for a job, kindly browse our list of job openings and get hired fast! You might be the one we’re looking for. For more information, call us. All the best!

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5 Reasons Why Companies Avail Recruitment Agency Services

The number of companies who avail recruitment agency services increases every year. We bet it's because of the five reasons listed below.

  1. They screen candidates based on many aspects.

Recruitment agencies in the Philippines  have high hiring standards because they want the best for their clients. They evaluate applicants based on their skills, experience, emotional state, character, willingness to learn, goals, and potential to stay in the company for a long period of time.

  1. They know the best platforms to use for specific job vacancies.

There are numerous job advertising platforms nowadays: job search websites, social media, print, convenience stores, search engine, forums, applications, etc. However, these platforms are not always applicable to all types of roles. The good thing is recruitment agencies know where to post specific positions strategically. For example, if the company is looking for virtual assistants, the hiring agency would most likely advertise the job in freelancer platforms, online job forums, and social media to reach the target candidates quickly. On the other hand, if you are looking for an executive, the recruitment agency would probably advertise via email or in the stock market website.

  1. They know how to attract the right candidates.

Recruitment agencies are very much aware that in terms of hiring, quality over quantity applies. It's easy to attract people to apply for a role. Usually, if the role is advertised with above average salary and good benefits, hundreds (or even thousands) of professionals would send their profiles for review. However, not all of those applicants are truly capable of doing the job's requirements. Hence, recruitment agencies follow job posting strategies to filter only those who are a potential fit for the role. They provide a detailed job description, and they normally require an initial online exam for each candidate. Only those who would pass are the ones who will move to the next phase and usually, it's the initial interview.

  1. They deliver fast.

Since recruitment agencies have a pool of talents, they easily find candidates for specific positions. Also, because they are focused solely on recruitment, they are capable of conducting a fast yet intricate hiring process. Some even offer a one-day recruitment process, especially when mass hiring.

  1. They help companies save time, money and effort.

Recruitment consumes so much time, money and energy. You need to decide about job ads; you need to review applicant profiles; you must shortlist candidates; interview them; then provide exams; evaluate the exams, etc. And there are times when candidates refuse the job offer which means you have to search to start from zero again. Yes, another paid job ad. But if you have availed the services of a recruitment agency, you would have fewer worries and you can easily budget your hiring expenses since they offer recruitment packages with fixed rates.


If you are looking for a recruitment agency in the Philippines, you have come to the right place. We, from Peoplehub, offer cost effect hiring services. Talk to us to learn more.

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