Front End Developer (Pasay City)

Posted 3 years ago

Job Description:

1. Web front-end function development and implementation;

2. Participate in project demand analysis, product usability improvement and Web interface technology optimization;

3. Responsible for the development of front-end interface and front-end components/class libraries, research and explore innovative development ideas and cutting-edge front-end technologies, and apply them to teams and products.

Job Qualification:

1. At least 3 years of front-end development experience, no academic qualifications;

2. Deep understanding of Web standards, practical understanding and practical experience of related knowledge such as performance optimization and accessibility;

3. Familiar with JS programming, and master VUE, Nuxt.js, ES6, Typescript, and other front-end related development technologies or frameworks, and have actual project experience;

4. Familiar with React, NodeJs, web mobile development experience is preferred;

5. Those who can withstand certain work pressure and pursue breakthroughs are preferred.



Salary: up to Php 100,000- 140,000

  • 13th Month pay.
  • Work schedule: Monday- Saturday
  • Paid Holidays
  • 4 meals/day *includes unlimited snacks, drinks w/ fruits.
  • Birthday Gift Money 2,000 pesos
  • Team Building Fund – 1,000 pesos per person per month
  • Attendance Bonus 1,000 pesos per month

Other Allowances:

  • Department Bonus
  • Service (Tenure) Award
  • Performance Bonus
  • HMO benefit
  • Annual leave – 5 days (convertible to cash)
  • Free Accommodation w/ supplies
  • Shuttle Service
  • Society Activities

 PLEASE NOTE: This certain job opportunity requires mandatory stay-in in a comfortable and well provided condominium unit during pandemic, this is to ensure safety of all employees. Once it is safe and/or lockdown has been lifted, staying in is not required.

Interested applicants may send their applications at:

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